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Cowboy Illustrations is an online portfolio and shop by Illustrator Jody Beddoes.


Cowboy Illustrations is all about the sometimes unruly nature of illustrating and animating though we try to stick to our traditional methods, those are just the stepping stones in what art can actually do. Gathering a herd of mediums and practices all amalgamated into one, this brand is about the creative space and how many tools you can bring to one field… or cows (if you’re an actual cowboy!). Maybe it should’ve been named Juggler Illustrations because illustrators are master jugglers!

This is a space for the often comical side of the industry and a raw approach to illustrating things that don’t necessarily have an already existing place in the world, they’re just as random as the creator. And that’s just part of the fun!

About the Artist

Jody was born in Wales to two creative parents who shared a passion for art, film and music. Exposed to the above from birth (especially the music, AC/DC was the favourite!), Jody's life was all about those 80's/90's practical effect movies from Stan Winston and Master Puppeteer Jim Henson (HERO!), and who recorded in the local Rockfield Studio's near her house (Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Queen, Oasis.. to name a few). Becoming a huge fan of Metal, generally, Jody would use any opportunity to create artwork that reflected her love for the genre which very much lives at the core of her unique style.

Later earning a BA Hons in Illustration at Cardiff Metropolitan University at the start of the pandemic, then completing a Masters in Illustration & Animation during the first lockdown, studying the Unlikely Hero in 19th and 20th century literature and building stop motion puppets and animating in her small flat. 

Since then, she's been working collaboratively on posters, invites, design work for catering at music festivals across the UK, all while working on a list of her own projects... SOON TO BE REVEALED!

The Shop

A collection of unique posters, prints, originals, stickers, and zines.

Cowboy Illustrations shows latest works and packaging all made by yours truly!

*All Products are hand made* (using fine art pearlescent or velvet matte papers and heavy duty vinyl for stickers for best quality printing).

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